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LN Series Engines

Yanmar single cylinder air cooled engines

To achieve the highest performing miniaturized and light weight diesel engines, Yanmar developed the LN series single cylinder, air cooled engine.

Yanmar's LN series engines are designed to supply power to a wide variety of driven machines including:
  • Pumps
  • Generators
  • Construction
  • Agriculture

TF Series Engines

Yanmar single cylinder water cooled horizontal engines.

Yanmar's unique direct fuel injection system gives the TF series engine a number of features such as:

Excellent combustion efficiency (low fuel consumption)
Delivers the power it promises
Simple servicing
Less vibration
Low noise level

TNV Series Engines

Yanmar multi cylinder water cooled engines.

The new TNV series engines deliver a host of new features to bring the acclaimed 'clean and silent' TNE series to a whole new performance level. The Yanmar TNV series offers a range of new engine improvements to make these popular work horses even more efficient, more quiet and more refined than ever.

YDG Diesel Generators

Yanmar air cooled diesel generators.

If you are looking for a silent compact power source with minimum fluctuations the new YDG is waiting for you. Durability and long operation are designed in. Mobility approaches that of a gasoline generator, and the direct injection air cooled diesels are the amongst the smallest in the world, offering very good fuel savings. The power is high. The cost is low. Listen carefully, or you might not even notice they are at work.

YDP Pumps

Yanmar air cooled transfer pumps

Yanmar's pump series range in bore size from 2" to 4" for fresh water and semi-trash models. This series of pumps can handle fresh water and gravel/trash water.

JCB Dieselmax Engines

JCB multi cylinder water cooled engines.

The JCB Dieselmax engine has been designed to give your Business performance you can depend on.

Because we started with a clean sheet of paper we looked forward to 2011 and beyond, designing the engine to comply with Tier 2/Stage 2, Tier 3/Stage 3a and then Tier 4/Stage 4 emissions legislation. So your investment today is well protected into the future.

Power - the performance you need

Tier 3 power ratings from 63kW to 120kW (84hp to 161hp). Available with mechanical injection system (63kW, 68kW, 74kW and 85kW) and electronic (97kW, 108kW and 120kW).

Up to maximum 60kW (80hp) power take off lets you drive hydraulic pumps and other devices from the side of the engine.

Compared to other similar sized engines the JCB engine gives you increased power at lower engine speeds.
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